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Pilot Sites
  1. Dutch coast
  2. Hel Peninsula, Gulf of Gdansk (Poland)
  3. The Black Sea coastal zone of the Danube Delta (Romania)
  4. Costa Brava Bays, Mediterranean coast (Spain)
  5. Pevensey Bay, English Channel Coast, (United Kingdom)
  6. Inch Beach (Kerry), Atlantic coast (Ireland)



Application at pilot sites

The applicability of the management concepts and models, in the project has been tested at 6 pilot sites. The field sites have been selected to represent the most common European coastal types: sand, gravel/shingle and cliffed coasts; high-energy open coasts (Atlantic coasts), medium-energy coasts (North Sea coasts, English Channel coasts) and low-energy coasts (Mediterranean coasts, Baltic Sea coast, Black Sea coasts).

Because of the limited project budget and scope most of the sites are relatively data rich. For the Black Sea pilot and to a lesser extent the Baltic Sea pilot additional data collection and measurements seems to be inevitable, how-ever.